Bias-correcting a forecast (wsim_correct)ΒΆ

The wsim_correct utility bias-corrects forecast data, given statistical distributions of observed data and retrospective forecasts.

Usage is as follows:

Usage: wsim_correct \
    --retro=<fits>... \
    --obs=<file>... \
    --forecast=<file>... \

The --retro and --obs arguments are used to provide netCDF files containing pixel-specific fit parameters for distributions of retrospective forecast data and observed data, respectively. The variables in the netCDF file can vary according to the distribution, but are typically location, scale, and shape. The name of the statistical distribution must be specified in the netCDF file using the distribution global attribute, and the name of the fitted variable must be specified using the variable global attribute.

The --forecast argument is used to provide one or more files of forecast data to be corrected (only one file can be provided for each forecast variable, but variables stored in separate files can be processed in a single program execution.)