Obtaining WSIM

WSIM can be obtained from Docker Hub or from GitLab.

From Docker Hub

WSIM is most easily obtained from Docker Hub. The WSIM image is currently stored in a private repository, with access granted by request. To pull the image from the repository, run the following commands on a system with Docker installed:

docker login
docker pull isciences/wsim:latest

You can run the WSIM container in interactive mode using:

docker run -it isciences/wsim:latest

Refer to Docker documentation for more details, such as accessing the local filesystem from within the running container.

From GitLab

A copy of the WSIM source code can be downloaded from GitLab at this url. Access to the wsim project is required. Some WSIM functionality has external dependencies on tools such as wgrib2 and nco that are not included in the repository. These tools are found in the WSIM Docker image, or can be installed manually.

The following R packages are used by WSIM:

  • Rcpp

  • abind

  • devtools

  • docopt

  • dplyr

  • futile.logger

  • lmom

  • lubridate

  • ncdf4

  • pkgdown

  • raster

  • readr

  • rgdal

  • roxygen2

  • testthat